Model targeted by human traffickers

London, Jul 27: A contestant on “Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model” said that she was targeted by sex traffickers who wanted her to shift base to Italy.

19-year-old Anastasia Bogatirjova, who resides in Reading was approached by a man who claimed to belong to a international modelling agency. After contacting her to move to Milan from Latvia, her home country, the model turned down the offer, reported Media.

The model later came to know through the police that the man was the kingpin of human trafficking gang.

“A policeman called my mum and said the agency were selling girls as prostitutes abroad. A lot of them were sent to Russia. It wasn’t Milan at all,” she said.

“I have no idea what happened to any of the other girls. It’s so scary and I’m so thankful I didn’t go, or who knows where I would be now?” she added.

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