5-yr-old boy ‘sacrificed’ in a ritual

There are Hindu Moral Police to check what other religions are doing,but they do not check when they sacrifies humans. this is India, where Gods are thirsty of Human blood.

CHANDRAPUR: A five-year-old boy was murdered, allegedly in a gory human sacrifice ritual, in the Mahakali Mandir locality here. What’s more shocking is that the police ‘inaction’ — not only did the police turn a blind eye to the pleas of the parents who were frantically searching for their son on Dusshera night, but also did not register a case even after the boy’s body was recovered on Tuesday morning.

Dhannukumar (5), son of Santoshkumar Nirmalkar, a Chhattisgarhi labourer who lives in the Danav Wadi slums, went missing immediately after Ravan dahan on Dusshera evening near Mahakali temple.

“Last we heard of our son was when he was searching for firecrackers from the remains of burnt Ravan effigy with other children on Monday evening. However, as he did not return by 8 pm, we started searching for him but got no word by 9.30 pm,” said Punnibai, mother of the boy. She and her husband later approached Mahakali police outpost for help, but were allegedly turned away.

“The cops asked us to search for Dhannu on our own,” she said. The distraught mother said that even though Dhannu was not traced by midnight, she with other neighbours approached city police station to register the complaint, but even there, she claims to have been turned away.

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