Baby Boy sold for One Dollar

A woman in Bihar’s Araria district sold off one of her four-month-old male twins for Rs 62 to a Nepalese couple, the police on Sunday said.

Shannu Khatun, 35, who begs to make a living her family that includes her physically challenged husband and an eight-year-old daughter, sold the baby to a Nepalese couple at Forbesganj railway station, near the Indo-Nepal border.

However, Khatun has denied the allegation and claims that she ‘gave him away‘ for ‘his own sake‘.

“She claims that she did not receive any money for it,” said S Ahsan Ali, a police officer. Araria Superintendent of police Shivdeep Lande said that he has directed an inquiry into the matter.

If its a Girl then Women organisation and Government made such big news, Khatun was having daughter, but she did`t sold her, No wonder todays Feminists age and empowered women can do anything, coz Boys and Men in India Worth only or Less than a Dollar. – Common man exclaimed.

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