End of Men – Baby boy turn Girl After a month

London, Dec 22 : A couple in South Africa celebrated the birth of their baby boy – only to find out a month later that she was actually a girl.

The baby appeared to have male genitals at birth and even doctors confirmed he was a boy.

Four week after the birth, mum Madeleshia and hubby Kenneth sensed that something was wrong and took their baby to hospital where after some tests it was confirmed that the baby was a female.

Toddler, Kenny Hiscock, had enlarged organs because of a rare enzyme deficiency, which causes abnormal hormone production.

The couple has now renamed Kenny as McKenzi and are considering surgery.

“The doctor told us McKenzi is not really male or female, but somewhere between,” the media quoted the mother as saying.

“But we have a beautiful daughter, and we’re both incredibly proud,” she said

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