10 Month old Baby boy Abandoned.

It was a trend decades ago abandon Girl child, because Indian families were thinking Girl is burden to them. but now that trend is changed because of Indian government policies.

In India, today’s date getting a job for man is very difficult, and he has no support form government nor any scheme to get technical or any training from Government. but for the Girl Indian Government has ample schemes, job openings, FREE training’s and guidance, that make families opt for Girl only.

No need to say there is not a single Law to Protect men, from atrocities of Women, All laws in favor of Women, and Indian Judiciary is totally biased towards Men.

and that makes, those who having male child, they have no option than Abandon the child.

Here is such a real life Story.

Subrahmanya: The staff of the Shri Kukke Subrahmanya temple found a male child, aged about 10-11 months, abandoned within the precincts on Monday, Nov 26.

The child was found wailing out of hunger. The police were informed immediately and they took custody of it. Later they sent the infant to a childcare centre in Mangalore.

The head of the child was clean-shaven according to religious rites earlier on the day. The police are investigating the case.

The incident has puzzled the temple management and the police alike, since there has been no complaint from anyone about a child having been lost. It is suspected that it was lifted from elsewhere and abandoned for some reason.

Hundreds of childless couples visit the temple reigned by a deity believed to grant fertility. Many pray for a male child. It looked ironical that an unidentified couple, for reasons best known to them, left behind their child.

If it was Girl child then all media would have made this news as headlines, but because its a Boy child, it came in last page in a corner of the todays news paper.

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