What Breast-Feeding Can’t Do

As per below study report there are so many benifits from breast feed; for child as well as for mother, for women its best way to avoid cancer.

Also but there are modern women, who refuse to breast feed, that not only shows they do not care for child or love, but they are worried about their figure and beauty. Ref : http://mynation.net/abio/she-stopped-breast-feed-to-save-her-beauty/ This is all Effects of Feminism and movement of eMpower women.

Here is the Study report

The benefits of breast-feeding are many and varied. Studies suggest that breast-fed kids are smarter, taller, thinner, healthier and less stressed than babies on bottles. Plus, breast-feeding helps moms bond with their babies and may even lower their blood pressure. So, is there anything breast milk can’t do? Apparently, yes, according to a new study published Tuesday by study Online: It doesn’t offer infants much defense against asthma or allergies.

That’s a question researchers have long debated. Until now, the evidence has been mixed: Some studies have suggested that exclusive, prolonged breast-feeding helps stave off asthma and allergies later in life; other studies have shown no protection, or even an increased risk. But most of the available data has come from observational studies. The new paper, in contrast, was a large, long-term randomized trial that involved more than 17,000 breast-feeding women and babies, 13,889 of whom were tracked until age 6 1/2. Researchers recruited the moms in maternity hospitals and clinics in Belarus. About half of them

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