A third of British mothers are unfaithful

London, April 6 At least a third of unfaithful British mothers have had a one-night stand, a new survey has found.

The survey for parenting website Netmums showed that 64 percent cheated on their men before having children, The media reported Tuesday.

After having children, the most common time to play away was when youngsters were under five while the number who cheat comes down as children get older.

“Infidelity is often a symptom of deep issues. Many couples work through the pain and end up happy,” Netmums counsellor Chris Bannigan was quoted as saying.

The survey revealed that a third of the unfaithful mothers had a one-night stand, two-fifths had serious flings while a fifth fell in love.

As many as 37 percent chose an ex-partner, 31 percent slept with a stranger and 12 percent tugged a childhood sweetheart.

The survey also found that fathers were as likely to cheat and it showed 63 percent of relationships in which a partner cheated failed.

India, Always follow British, of their wrong doing only and Indian women are not far behind of British mothers if survey taken, says Experts.

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