No Modi, No Advani; NO PM candidate from BJP in 2014 poll ?

New Delhi, Sept 14: The main opposition party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may not have any Prime Minister candidate for the 2014 election. BJP president, Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday, Sep 14 announced that the party will not name any particular person as the PM candidate in the upcoming election.

Gadkari, however, claimed that BJP has several deserving leaders who can lead the country as the Prime Minister. Gadkari’s announcement came when the party seemed confused over the decision to name the person as possible candidate for PM for 2014 election.

LK Advani’s decision to go for a nation-wide Rath Yatra and Narendra Modi’s open letter to citizens announcing about his plan to commence a three-day-long fast might have forced the BJP president to take such a decision.

However, a latest report from US’ Congressional Research Service (CRS) has identified Gujarat under chief minister Narendra Modi as offering perhaps the best example of effective governance and impressive development in India, and observed that under his watch, the State had become a key driver of national economic growth.

The report also claimed that Modi might be the better candidate for the PM’s post than Congress’ Rahul Gandhi. [Read:  US chooses Modi over Rahul]

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