An F-word that cost $10 million for fired Yahoo CEO

London, Sept 11: With rumours rife on the fate of popular website Yahoo!, this was one piece opf news that the recently-fired Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz did not wanted to be associated with. After Bartz was fired dramatically over the phone, she is in further soup for her lamabasts against the company board and for using the F*** word. For this very act, she is expected to lose $10 million for violating a non-disparagement clause.

Bartz had also called the company board “doofuses” thereby violating the agreement that bars her from speaking negatively of the company. She had also claimed that the company had “f***** me over”.

She commented in this slanderous fashion during an interview with Fortune magazine that is expected to cost her $10 million from her payout in the event of firing. In the interview, Bartz stated that she was to call Yahoo chairman Bostock Roy the evening she was fired. She said that she was read the lawyer prepared statement by Roy intended to dismiss her.

With rumours of Yahoo! intending to be sold, Roy’s job is also under threat with pressure mounting on him to resign.

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