Castrate Rape Accused, Hang law misuser and False rape Case.

Without thinking there are many false cases of Rape, Haryana State Commission for Women chairperson Sushila Sharma barked “Castrate rapists“. As in India whatever women says is taken as Gospel Truth and convict innocent men without proper investigation. As there are many reports of false accusation of Rape which are filled just a revenge or make some asy money.

Even National Commission for Women is thinking to make law of Marital Rape after willingly sleeping with husband charge him with rape, as there is no machanism in India to find out truth with proper investigation.

Haryana State Commission for Women chairperson Sushila Sharma has said that those accused of gangrape should be castrated. Sharma said this after meeting the victim of recent gangrape at Jind. “The accused who committed gangrape, and circulated its MMS should be castrated so that they can feel the pain and agony caused due to the crime committed by them throughout their lives,” Sharma said.

Sharma and a team of State Women Commission officers visited Hisar, Jind and Sonepat, and met recent rape victims. “I visited all three victims of the recent gangrapes and assured them support and speedy justice. I will write to the state government to formulate a strategy and devise mechanism to stop circulation of such MMS,” Sharma said.

“I stand by my statement. It’s the same statement that I made in Hisar.. .We need to look at the impunity with which these criminals first rape a woman, even minors, and then circulate the MMS of the rapes. After meeting these victims, one realises the pain and humiliation that they will be forced to go through their lives…Gangrapes in Haryana have become routine and a source of recreation for youngsters,” Sharma added.

Law should be Gender neutral, In India Women can accuse anyone and she need no proof to prove it, but uneducated Chairpersons comment anything like “accused of gangrape should be castrated”.

After castration if Accused found Innocent can these Women Organisations revert what damage they have done to an Innocent…..?

If this law is made then soon all over India most men turn enuchs or castrated.

Only way to prevent this law misuse, Gange rape law misuser or those who file false rape case and hang them in Public, If every accuser is castrated.

I suggest Rapists should be Hanged if he really committed crime….Exclaimed common Man

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