Caught with boyfriend, girl kills hubby

I`m Really glad, eMpower women project of NCW finaly works as planned.


News follows

A teenaged girl, who got married recently, has been arrested for allegedly killing her husband after he caught her in a compromising position with her boy-friend.

On Monday, Reena, 19, told her brother-in-law Dara Singh that her husband Ramchandra was not waking up from bed. She told him Ramchandra had not been well on Sunday night. Dara Singh checked Ramchandra’s pulse and realised he was dead. He then informed the Srinagar police in Thane about the death.

The police found injuries on Ramchandra’s head. When they questioned Reena about the injuries, she allegedly feigned ignorance. But on sustained interrogation, which lasted over three hours, she confessed that she had killed him, the police said.

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