Open Challenge to UN / NCW and WCD

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Every year Indian Women Organization including NCW / WCD forward fake Details of Indian women status, just to get Grant and Funds from Foreign Organization and Government. UNO and other its Affiliated organization, without checking any details or Truth behind these reports, sanction grants worth billions, for years these trend continued, as per total money granted, today there should not be any Women or child on the street begging for help, but you can find million children on the street without quality food or shelter. and All these women organization want the same, so they can get grant every year. and These women organization strongly insist UN to publish, reports on women / child status as they wanted, so they can get money from other western countries too.

Now Question is why UN is not verifying where this money goes and these women organization findings are truth or false, Or may be they get a part of this UN grant…?

We do not blame these money minded women organization, but at least UN should check integrity of these finding those Indian women organization forward.

May be there are reason why UN is not checking about this.

Member of UN are getting commission of Every Grant;
UN members are paid to Publish Fake reports;
Feminists control UN
UN want to break Indian Family system;

We firmly believe that UN is interested in breaking the Indian family system and the Indian society along with getting money / commission.

UN has a lot of explaining to do as it seems to have come out with an agenda against

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