US grandmoms become 1st ‘legal’ lesbian couple

New York, Jul 25: They were dressed in formal suits and striped trousers, gowns and T-shirts, chanted vows with emotion-chocked voices and triumphantly hoisted their long-awaited marriage certificates. This was the scenario on Sunday, Jul 24 as it was the first day that same-sex marriage became legal in the state.

The first day of legal homosexual marriage witnessed the long queue of homo couples awaiting outside the Manhattan City Clerk’s office in lower Manhattan. Legalisation of homo alliances spilled joy and happiness all over the state.

Two New York grandmothers have become the first same sex couple to be legally married in New York state. Kitty Lambert, 54, and Cheryle Rudd, 53, were married at Niagara Falls’ State Park’s Luna Island, near the US-Canadian border.

New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said he believes the legalisation of same-sex marriage in New York would boost momentum for similar legal moves in other states.

“It’s going to grow very rapidly, partially because New York is such a bellwether and so visible and so when we do something a lot of people, they don’t necessarily copy it, but they look to see whether it would be appropriate for them as well,” he said.

It is said ‘Marriages are made in heaven’, but such marriages that doesn’t discriminate between a male and a female still remains a controversy in countries like India.

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