12 year old Boy in abusive family kills mother over chores

Boy killed mother over chores
6 Jan 2009

PHOENIX, Arizona: A 12-year-old boy has been found guilty of murder after shooting his mother following an argument over chores, justice records showed on Monday.

A judge in Cochise County Superior Court in the small Arizona town of Bisbee found the boy guilty after a hearing Friday, according to court records. The boy cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Local media said the boy and his 34-year-old mother argued at the family home in August. After the boy’s mother left the home, her son retrieved a pistol from her bedroom, waited for her to return and then shot her eight times. The woman’s boyfriend witnessed the shooting.

The victim’s sister testified Friday that the victim did not want the boy to live with her and was often abusive, yelling at him and hitting him.

“He is a docile, sweet boy,” she told the court.

Under Arizona law, the boy will be released when he turns 18. Sentencing is set for Jan. 23. Any sentencing outcomes will involve treatment, according to the boy’s attorney, Sanford Edleman.

Edleman said the crime was part of a tragic cycle which had seen the child’s mother abused as a child.

“I believe part of this child’s problems had something to do with that cycle,” Edleman said. “This was a huge tragedy from the beginning.

“You wonder why after so many years a child makes the decision to act in a certain way. It’s a huge cycle of tragedy from one generation to the next.”

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