Supreme Court of India Judges IQ is less than 5 year old ?

JUDGMENT COPY : Death,498A,Custody to Grand Parents

Is our Sc judges IQ is less or equal to 5 year old?
When these Supreme Court of India, judges unable to reach a verdict or deliver a judgment in child custody case, instead giving custody to nearest kinship, Overturning judgments of other 2 lower courts order, which gave custody to Father, asking 5 year child, with whom he want to live, when his mother is not alive.

If you ask a 5 year old child, whom he/she will prefer to live with…?
Do that child is capable to judge who is better.

When you were 5 year, if someone ask, whom you like most, what would be your answer…?

In this recent Judgment, SC judges awarded custody to grandparents instead of Father.

In India, if a women dies, Law term it as dowry death by default. And in laws file false 498a case against men, and use this in court to not to give custody to Father even 498a case is still pending. Terming,

Guilty even before proving case.
Guilty by default.
Guilty, because born as man in India. And deny custody and giving child custody to dead wife

3 thoughts on “Supreme Court of India Judges IQ is less than 5 year old ?

  1. If the father is the prime suspect of the death of the mother of the minor, it is needless to say that he is not the right person for getting custody of the child. The decision of the Hon’ble supreme court was cprrect.It is the welfare of the child which is most imporportant. If he wants to stay with his grand parents ,his wishes should be honouned instead of forcing to stay with his father.

  2. If parent has 2 son,8y and 7y old. Mother not agree to live with father in court case vidayeenama. mother is not norma iq. Elder son has long dicease. Then what will be judgement for child custody?

  3. Father has to prove mother is unfit to raise the Children. as childrens are both boys Father has more chance to win custody.

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