Lover kills a 4 year Child in Chennai

We had reports from UK, where 2 girl children were accidentally killed when their fathers dropped the Television on them. In a homicidal case, a lover hit a child with a steel rod, before throwing him against the Television stand. So, in this case, “the Television stand killed the child star”.

Man held for beating 4-yr-old to death

CHENNAI: A 25-year-old man, who allegedly beat a four-year-old boy to death in Thiruvotriyur on Monday, was arrested on Tuesday. The man hit the boy with a steel ladle before throwing him against a television stand, police said. Narayanan, who recently began living with Vasanth Kumar’s mother Kalpana, allegedly felt that Kumar was a hindrance to him.

Kumar fell down after being hit and Narayanan rushed him to a private hospital in Thiruvotriyur. Kumar, whose head and spinal cord were severely damaged, later died. The body was sent to the Stanley Government Hospital for autopsy.

Kalpana married Murthy, a fisherman, a few years ago and lived near Royapuram. Some time later, she felt Murthy was not taking proper care of her. She then became close to Narayanan, a relative who lived close by, and the two began an affair. A few months ago, they moved into a house in Thiruvotriyur. Kalpana’s children also stayed with them.

Of late, police said, Narayanan had begun to feel that he was not able to spend much time with Kalpana as Kumar was in the way. On several occasions, he allegedly abused the child. On Monday afternoon, Narayanan was at home and saw Kumar playing outside. He called him in, thrashed him.

Thiruvotriyur police registered a case and arrested Narayanan on Tuesday. He was remanded in prison after being produced before a magistrate’s court.

Above Media,news was republished without any modification to show, how indian media portrait prostitute indian women, As per above news, Kalpana was living in Adultry, Supported and sponsored by NCW / WCD of India, where married women can live in Adultry / extra marital Affair still she is a Victim, Nor Government, Law, niether media report, women is guilty. Here, she is the one, who reposibility for the murder, She killed the child for her LUST.
Can anyone see any where media published that…?


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