Riots breakout in southwest China

Beijing, Aug 12: It seems to be the season of riots, as after the mayhem in England over the last few days, thousands of Chinese took to the streets on Aug 11 in Qianxi County, Guizhou province protesting the rough handling of local officials.

The website of China National Radio reported, “clash broke out between urban administration officials and the owner of an illegally parked vehicle, drawing in thousands of onlookers and sparking incidents of crowds smashing law enforcement vehicles and blocking roads.”

The riot, like numerous such other instances that have happened in the recent past in China, pitted residents against “urban administration” officials charged with enforcing law and order.

Informing that rioters smashed 10 vehicles and torched another five, Xinhua – the state news agency of China- said, “Crowds turned over the vehicle of the urban administration staff and attacked police who came to quiet down the situation.”

The news agency further added that 10 police officers and guards were injured. And also informed that the police have arrested 10 people suspected of attacking the vehicles.

Wary of the consequence of the news spreading out, Chinese authorities had by Friday morning, blocked searches on Internet for Qianxi County and even Guizhou province.

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