In India, Man is Guilty by birth

Moodabidri – Karnataka : If a women Dies or Runaway, Police by default arrest her husband without any investigation and send him to jail. Police and Indian Judiciary think All men are Villains and committe crime and all women are Victims. If Arrested men do not have money to fight for his case, he will spend rest of his life in Jail, and may be hanged for murder if Women Body found; or her Parents complain that her husband was harassing her for Dowry, he will be charged with many criminal cases which take Decades to finish.

Even after released for false accusation and Harassment men will get nothing from Indian Government, no damage, no financial support for losing his valuable Life.

Here is another Truth about our Great Police and Judiciary.

The mystery behind Beluvayi Uma murder case has finally been solved by the Karkal City police, who have been successful in arresting the main accused, Dinakar Mugera.

Uma, wife of Chukuda, resident of Kesarugadde Nadigudde, Beluvai, was missing since May 1, 2012. In this regard a case had been registered in Moodabidri police station by Chukuda. The police who suspected Chukuda, arrested him and was sent to jail.
Later in the Sanur Gram Panchayat limits, BSNL cables were being stolen continuously and a case was registered in the police station by the Sub Divisional Engineer Vittaldas.

According to the complaint, the police were investigating the case. During one of their search operations they found one Dinakara Mogera suspiciously roaming around in Matadakere. Police arrested Dinakara Mogera on suspicion,and during interrogation the truth was revealed by Mogera. Dinakara Mogera aged 22, son of Annu Mogera, had raped Uma in a deserted house, and dropped her into a well when she was still alive. The other two who assisted him to carry on the crime are still at large.

As soon as the reality came to light, the people of the area reacted against the Moodbidri police for arresting Chukuda, now found innocent and demanded for justice. It is sad to note that Chukuda who was a hard working man was sent to jail for a crime, which he did not commit. The Moodabidri residents have assured their full support to Chukuda in bringing justice. Police are still searching for other two who were involved in the crime.

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