Ram Sena on pub attack: We’re custodians of Indian culture

It is a disturbing sign of the times. The seeds of Godse are thriving in India, and have been encouraged by political parties. Ordinary citizens are being discriminated on the basis of state origin, religion and gender on Republic day. More punishment needs to be meted to hooligans.

I had written earlier about “Who will Police the moral policemen related to Mysore goons loose on new years’ day?”. There has to be strong deterrence against such ‘immoral’ policing.

Ram Sena on pub attack: We’re custodians of Indian culture
27 Jan 2009
MANGALORE: Sri Ram Sena (SRS) founder Pramod Mutalik has said there is no need to raise a hue and cry about the Mangalore pub attack on women on Saturday. He also said that the SRS activists did not attack the girls but the boys who had brought them to the pub.

Pramod Mutalik
Pramod Mutalik

On Monday, the Mangalore police arrested seven more SRS activists taking the total to 20. The 13 arrested earlier on Sunday were remanded to judicial custody till January 27.

The Dakshina Kannada district police have served a notice on the electronic media for their failure to inform the police about the attack. Commenting on the incident, Mutalik told TOI that women were being misused and misguided.

3 thoughts on “Ram Sena on pub attack: We’re custodians of Indian culture

  1. Leave that scoundrel, Muthalik in any college ground of Bangalore. Then he will come to know what will pass on some one when beated up by outraged ghosts like persons.
    the people who attacked can be punished as per law but this Muthalik must be shot dead.
    Shame on the Government there. BJP is making people believe that it is a religious party.

  2. Where were these so called protector of India and culture when Terrorist attacked in Mumbai ?

    These hindu terrorist has no right to question what others are doing,People are drinking, enjoying with their money, why these buggers bothered.

    If they are so concerned about indian culture then, they should stop using all things west invented,Pant Shirt,car,petrol,electricity,movies, and they should stay in mud houses coz cement also invented abroad.

    India has only KAMASUTRA and one billion people.

  3. Thanks for the comments. The main cause why Incidents like this are happening is because in India, people are getting away with crime. Advani and company are still being investigated for ‘Babri Masjid’ demolition of 1992 with no decision from the Liberhan Commission.

    MNS has driven 10,000 people away from Nashik in one day, making a lady deliver on the running train.

    The culture intolerance (with no punishment received) initiated by BJP is driving the country. This Hindu Rashtra agenda of Godse (and the killers of Gandhi), is spreading in India with Abhinav Bharat, etc. I’ve written more about this in the links below (Copy and paste link).



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