Cleric arrested,who called for attacks on Israel

Riyadh, Jan 1 : Instead calling hamas to stop rocket firing these fundamentalist, calling fatwa to attack Israel, A prominent Saudi Arabian Muslim cleric who called for attacks on Israelis worldwide in retaliation for the ongoing airstrikes on the Gaza Strip has been arrested, Saudi media reported Wednesday.

Sheikh Awad al-Qarni issued a fatwa, or religious edict, on Monday that “it is legitimate to spill (Israeli) blood as long as they are spilling the blood of our brothers in Palestine.”

The report in the al-Rasad newspaper said that al-Qarni was arrested in the south of the country and has been brought to the capital Riyadh. Police would not confirm the arrest.

In the past few days al-Qarni’s fatwa has been widely discussed on Islamist internet sites, the newspaper said.

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