Digvijay trying to communalise fight against terror: BJP

New Delhi, Jul 19: Slamming Digvijay Singh for his anti-RSS remarks, the BJP on Jul 18 accused him of “trying to communalise” the fight against terror and alleged that the Congress was using him for diversionary tactics as it was under attack over the Mumbai bombings.

“It is very unfortunate that Digvijay Singh is deliberately trying to provoke and seeking to change the entire investigation into the Mumbai serial blasts. It is BJP’s charge that he is deliberately trying to communalise the fight against terror for petty political gains,” BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

He was reacting to Singh’s comment on Jul 17 that “RSS was spreading terrorism in the country and it has been making bomb factories.” The Congress general secretary had earlier courted controversy when he said that he does not rule out the involvement of Sangh in Mumbai serial blasts.

“We all know whom the SIT and the NIA are interrogating in the terror attack case,” Prasad said and claimed that such statements from Singh were denting India’s image on the international stage.

“His utterances must also be gladdening the hearts of terrorists, and notably the ISI,” Prasad said.

Indian Mujahideen is being seen as a prime suspect in the three blasts that took place in Mumbai on July 13 and some members of the outfit have been questioned in the matter.

Demanding an apology from Congress leadership, Prasad said, “There is a legitimate suspicion to infer that Digvijay Singh is speaking the language of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi….The intention behind his speaking is help the government which is getting implicated in scandal after scandal and is not able to shed off its image of being soft on terror”.

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