Confession of Mohammed Ajmal Kasab

The gunman captured in last month’s Mumbai attacks told police he had originally intended to seize hostages and call the media to make demands, according to his confession statement obtained Saturday by media.

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab said he and his partner, who assaulted the city’s main train station, had planned a rooftop standoff, but they couldn’t find access to a roof, the statement says.

The two killed dozens of people inside the station, but it’s unclear if they ever held hostages.

At least 164 people plus nine gunmen died in the three-day siege of India’s financial capital that began Nov. 26. Kasab said the attacks were originally set for Sept. 27, though he doesn’t explain why they were delayed.

Police said Saturday that Kasab, who has been repeatedly interrogated since his arrest, has also written to Pakistani officials to request legal help.

In a letter written Thursday, he asks for “legal aid” from the Pakistani consulate and to meet with a consular representative, said Rakesh Maria, Mumbai’s chief investigator.

The letter was forwarded to India’s government to relay to Pakistani officials, but it was unclear whether it had been delivered, Maria said.

A number of Indian lawyers

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