Real Colour of Congress

congress party workers and poor man on crutches

Did anyone notice the poor, one-legged person on crutches with torn shirt behind Janardhana Poojari ? Did any of these so called “PEOPLE SERVENTS” even bothered to have a second look at him or helped him in anyway? Surely not. In all probability, this poor man does not have a vote and that means, he does not exist for our politicians. And, we talk about social justice and equality.

and also see Renuka Chaudhury, FAT and ugly, so called women and child welfare minister, making useless western influenced laws for women, and justifing infidelity in Family and fighting for it as it is women birth right to stray.

This is the real colour of Congress party of India.

2 thoughts on “Real Colour of Congress

  1. Can it be verified that photograph is 100% genuine and not digitally created.

    That poor man does look utterely out of the place.

    //No it is not;
    it is taken in mangalore and same is pulished on many news paers and online magazines too.

    same Photo can be found here –eDitor

  2. They are not looking at him as they know that he is a common man.

    76000 from among these commen men only committed sucide.

    Let them die…”Who cares”….

    Ram Balak

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