Woman hired contract killers to kill her husband

Raipur, Dec 26 Fed up with her husband’s drunkenness and brutality towards her, a poor woman in Chhattisgarh hired contract killers to kill her husband and watched while they rained hammer blows on him, police said Thursday.

The incident took place Dec 21 night in village Ringni in Raipur district, some 60 km from here. Police arrested three contract killers and the woman Wednesday.

Police official A.K. Khan, who probed the murder of Pradeep Satnami, 40, said: “The victim’s wife Lachhani Bai (35) said in her confession that she somehow managed to collect Rs.7,000 to hire three local killers to eliminate her husband as she was fed up with her husband’s physical torture for the past seven years that they had been married.

“Pradeep was killed with hammer strokes brutally by the three youths at his house late Dec 21 night. He succumbed to injuries the same night and his wife, who witnessed the attack, did not take him to hospital.”

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