Cop RAPES woman for 4 days

KURNOOL: Police had to resort to a lathicharge after hundreds of villagers laid seige to the Kodumuru police station in the district alleging that a woman has been illegally confined there for four days during which she was repeatedly raped by a constable. Late on Saturday night, Kurnool range DIG K R M Kishore Kumar suspended the constable and sub-inspector M Arohana Rao. He also ordered registration of rape charges against the constable and an inquiry as to how a woman was illegally detained in the police station for four days. The 31-year-old woman, a resident of Bethapalli village, was allegedly picked up by the police last Monday on theft charges.

When her relatives met her in the police station on Saturday morning, she told them that constable Nagaraju has been raping her for the last four days during the nights and that SI M Arohana Rao has been beating her up during the day under the guise of interrogation. Hundreds of villagers immediately surrounded the police station and pelted stones at it. A passing bus too was stoned. Even as the constable in question ran away from the premises, police rushed in additional forces and the situation was brought under control by caning the protesters. The entire drama took place for about 45 minutes.

The woman is still said to be in the police station even as senior officials were unavailable for comment. According to the rule book, no woman can be kept in a police station during the night time when there are no woman police personnel in the station. The book also say that no person can be kept in custody for more than 24 hours.

In India, Police is the main criminals; They think whatever they do is right.

One thought on “Cop RAPES woman for 4 days

  1. In India comman people are considered just sheeps , it is only for fancy we have medias ,nothing will change even your own mother ,sister, wife or daughter is raped by some one in power or rich. Laws in India or made and enforced only towards the helpless and comman people. The law makers and the power greed and rich are only scraping these laws. We will not get justice in India against any crime.
    The safe gaurders of law are main culprits . They only have cow face masks.
    This people are to be punished with capital punishments ,hang them to death in public , this no law will do , except suspending the culprit(constable) temporarly is this punishment or just to pacify people temporaly.
    The people in power or safe gaurders of law commit crimes they should be punishe with capital punishments , then only something realistic in Indians law and justic to the people a change in our society can be seen.
    In India, Police is the main criminals; They think whatever they do is right.

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