Troubled by ex-wife, cop shoots self

MUMBAI: The constables of Borivali police station were shocked when they heard a bullet shot coming from the changing room early on Sunday morning. Police inspector S Patil had shot himself in the head with his service revolver and was found lying on the ground inside the room.

“He was on duty the previous night and in the morning, once his shift got over, he walked into the changing room and shot himself,” said additional commissioner of police, Ramrao Pawar. In his suicide note, Patil blamed his ex-wife and her brothers for pushing him to take this step.

The Borivali police have arrested Nirmala Desai (50), Baban Desai (45) and Dutta Desai (40) in this case. Initial investigations reveal that Patil was alledegly regularly troubled by his ex-wife and her brothers for money.

Married to Patil in 1978, Nirmala left him in the 1982 since Patil was just a constable at that time and she didn’t want to live with him. “They didn’t get an official divorce but she gave him in writing that he could marry anybody else if he wants,” added Pawar. Soon, Patil married for the second time and now has three children in this marriage. Few years ago, Patil got promoted to the post of an inspector and this is when Nirmala allegedly started harassing him.

“She and her brother would regularly blackmail Patil by threatening to malign his reputation in the society to extort money out of him. Since his children weren’t aware of Patil’s past, he wanted to keep it a secret and adhered to their demands,” said another senior official. With the harassment lasting for almost four years, Patil had already shelled out Rs 7.5 lakh to the trio to keep their mouth shut. Still, Nirmala’s brother started demanding Rs 10 lakhs more from Patil. “In his suicide note, Patil has mentioned that this was the main reason for him to take this step,” added the officer.

Just four days ago, Nirmala had also sent a written notice to Patil asking for an alimony. The trio has now been arrested under sections 306 (abetment of suicide) and 384 (extortion of money) of the Indian Penal Code.

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