No arrest for less than 7 years Punishment

Hyderabad, Jan. 21: The director-general of police, Mr K. Aravinda Rao, on Friday issued a circular to all police stations in the state asking them to release those accused from police station itself in cases where the imprisonment is below seven years.

The circular was issued as part of implementing criminal procedure code. Several police stations in the city had already got the circular and are going through it. This is a major decision. Till now the police has been arresting and remanding the accused to court.

The decision is likely to cause unrest among law-years as there will be less bail pleas. Till now, imprisonment up to three years was bailable at the police station. A case like rash and negligent act leading to road accidents, adultery, dowry harassment will be bailable at the police station without the accused being sent to jail.

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