Cruelty towards husband and relatives

Several social experts note that men and women suffer different types of strain, to which they react differently. This difference, according to one theory at least, explains the divide between male and female criminality. Nevertheless, the NCRB says, female arrests across the country are increasing. What is also changing is the nature of crimes by women: more of them are perpetrating murder and kidnapping.

Statistics compiled by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) show that 90,884 women were arrested for offences under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) during the three-year period. This was about 58% more than the 57,406 arrests in Andhra Pradesh and 84% more than the 49,333 arrests in Madhya Pradesh. Tamil Nadu, with a tally of 49,066, figured fourth and Gujarat, with 41,872, came fifth.

In Maharashtra, of the 45 commissionerates and district police units, Mumbai witnessed the most female arrests at 7,264, followed by Jalgaon (5,384), Nasik Rural(5,235), Ahmednagar (4,986) and Pune (4,052). “Thefts and crimes of passion stemming from betrayal are common. Violence against women has increased and so retaliation is common,” said psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty. “Maharashtra is a failing state and all crimes have increased in this chaos. Social disorder is a perfect breeding ground for crime.”

In Maharashtra, the NCRB data says, arrests of women have been rising. From 30,118 in 2010, the number rose to 30,159 in 2011 and to 30,607 the subsequent year. The most arrests, according to the state Criminal Investigation Department, were for the offence of ‘cruelty towards husband and relatives‘: nearly 20,000 women were arrested for the crime. This was followed by arrests for rioting (16,843), hurt (15,348) and theft (3,911). More than 1,900 women were arrested for murder and nearly 1,700 for attempt to murder.

In Maharashtra, the NCRB data says, cruelty towards husband and relatives increased in a rapid rate, that means misuse of Women centric laws are increased.

There were
9161 arrests in 2010
9562 arrests in 2011
9561 arrests in 2012.

these many false cases of Dowry (IPC 498A, Domectic Violence) filled, but Feminists never show these statistics, but they show false 498A/DV statistics filled by these women and not for the arrest of these women, specially Daughter in laws for cruelty towards husband and relatives.

This is because of Police, who file False case when Daughter in law report, without any valid reason and without investigation, just on DIL words and crocodile tears. they drag Old Mother of Husband, Husbands married sisters, younger sisters and even breast fed children of Husbands family. Even NCRB says those many Women arrested but if you see court records none are sentenced, coz again these women are get away with the punishment because of other Women centric laws and attitude of judges and legal system.

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