CSR Report on 498A and reality

Centre for Social Research (CSR) is a leading women’s institution in India. CSR aims to empower and sensitize women and men to restructure gender relations. Based in Delhi, we have been working in the fields of social research, advocacy and training since 1983.

CSR Published a Study / Research report on Misuse of 498a in 2005, same can be Found here http://mynation.net/voice/csr-2005/. After submission of this Research report almost 5 years passed, Even its a Women Institute, it strongly said in report that IPC 498a is totally misused, but Indian government has done nothing. This shows Indian government is not only Deaf but blind too. They want men to be harassed and his family should be victimized  falsely.

Here is some of the explanation of said report.

Out of court settlement is not always show man guilty, it shows both side guilty as they agree for settlement. coz man knows it take hell lot of time to fight back. and girls know her side is not 100% true. otherwise no one will go for out of court settlement.

study says “five cases filed under Section 498A the parties settled the matter after agreeing on maintenance and divorce.” that means case filled to blackmail to get maintenance and divorce, not because of Dowry demand.

28 cases are still pending” it means for both party its difficult to prove their claim conclusion, Girl gave, he took

There were no convictions in any of the cases registered only under Section 498A.” if women file only 498a, it will be dropped immediately because there was no dowry demand , so she include other harassment cases along with 498a, because others are not criminal cases and she very well know those mental harassment cases impossible to prove by man.

interesting part is this

The study also has observed that 6.5 percent of the total cases studied through victims’ interviews were found false at the level of investigation. Many of the accused, police, judges and lawyers, categorically said that ‘educated and independent minded women’ misuse the section.

its clear proof that, 498a is totally misused and there should not be any validity for 498a in IPC.


CSR as a women support group, they say they are against misuse of law, and there should not be biased views just to get a badge of Gender neutral, but they strongly support no changes in Law itself.

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