Lost Star Henry Ian Cusick of ABC Named in Sexual Harassment Suit

A woman who claims she was harassed by a Lost cast member and subsequently fired from the production crew of the ABC series has named the actor and the network in a lawsuit.

According to the media, a lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles alleges that Henry Ian Cusick (who plays Desmond Hume) fondled the plaintiff’s buttocks and breasts and kissed her on the lips while working on Lost in October 2007. The woman, who was a production crew member at the time, claims she reported the incident to her supervisor, only to be told to avoid contact with Cusick.

Twelve days later, the lawsuit claims, the woman was fired in retaliation for reporting the alleged abuse.

ABC has not responded yet to the media requests for comment, nor has Cusick’s manager.

That`s OK, but why she did`t reported it, when it happened, why she want to complain now, OR she enjoyed so far, now she want to cusick away and make some money ?

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