Dabur Red Paste - One of the Best Ayurvedic Toothpaste for Bad Breath & Pyria

Dabur Red Paste is a unique blend of traditional Indian medicine and modern science bringing out the best of both. This side-effects free, effective formulation is useful for maintaining oral hygiene and keeping the gums and teeth healthy. Dabur Red Paste is packed with the power of 13 active Ayurvedic ingredients like Laung Pudina & Tomar among others that keep all your dental problems away.

Dabur Red Paste - Clinically proven effectiveness The 13 natural ingredients pf Dabur Red Paste have been descibed in various Ayurvedic texts. They are not only known for their effectiveness against various oral problems, but are also proven to kill germs, including various bacteria, viruses and fungi. We conducted scientific tests on these ingredients to examine their safety and efficacy. After testing them in our laboratories, we collaborated with various external institutions to substantiate the results further. The results were reported and later published in Indian and International journals as well.

Don’t Ignore your Dental problems, get Dabur Red Paste now to keep them away!

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Prevents Tooth Ache

Laung, Tomar and Kali Mirch, all are very well known to prevent toothache

Prevents Gum Inflammation

Camphor helps to relieve Gum inflammation with anti bacterial properties.

Prevents Bleeding Gums

Presence of Gairika soothes bleeding gums and also treats ulcers/boils in the mouth

Prevents Plaque

The combination of Clove, Pippali and Tomar is very effective in preventing plaque and gingivitis

Prevents Cavities

Camphor helps to relieve symptoms such as dental caries pain and sensitivity.

Effective Against Virus Germs And Fungus

The combination of the 13 Ayurvedic ingredients has been scientifically proven to kill virus, germs and fungus

Fights Against 7 Dental Problems And Starts Giving Relief In 2 Weeks

Toothache, Bad Odour, Yellow Teeth, Plaque, Cavity, Gum Bleeding, Gingivitis
Dabur Red Paste


How To Use

2-3g (full length brush amount) twice daily or a directed by Dentist or Physician.

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