The Honorable Law Minister,

Dr. M. Veerappa Moily,
Ministry of Law and Justice
4th Floor, A-Wing, Shastri Bhawan,
New Delhi – 110 001



Respected Sir,

In the last 60 years of Independence, many efforts have been made,many measures taken and many laws passed for uplifting, empowering and protecting women, who, as a group, were considered weak and disadvantaged. While proudly championing women’s rights, the society also tacitly approved the propagation of anti-male sentiments and policies by “radical groups” and the resultant diminution in value of men’s lives and the blatant violation of men’s rights.

While the blatant misuse of laws like IPC 498A and Domestic Violence

Act has been well-documented, women’s organizations and the Government are still touting them as tools for ensuring women’s empowerment and gender equality. In reality, these laws are not about equality at all,as they are specifically designed to treat men and women unequally. In fact, not even all women are treated equally under these laws. A brief look at the assumptions of these laws is enough to understand why they are unfair, and how they violate basic human rights.

On various instances, Supreme Court of India, has issued direction to the Government of India to Review IPC section 498 A, namely:

1) At the time of delivering the judgment in case of CRIMINAL APPEAL

NO. 1512 OF 2010 , (Arising out of SLP (Crl.) No.4684 of 2009) in the case of Preeti Gupta & Another vs State of Jharkhand & Another, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India had stated the below with reference to section 498a and its huge misuse .

In Para 34 :-

…. Before parting with this case, we would like to observe that a serious relook of the entire provision is warranted by the legislation. It is also a matter of common knowledge that exaggerated versions of the incident are reflected in a large number of complaints. The tendency of over implication is also reflected in a very large number of cases

IPC 498A has a strong bias against women as well and the extent of Women themselves getting arrested in a so called women protection law are:

Table 1: No of WOMEN Arrested in IPC 498a in last Five Years Women arrested in Year No of Arrests

2004 27832

2005 28745

2006 31253

2007 35667

2008 37369

TOTAL 160866


The Indian suicide statistics as well is a strong reflection of state of Indian married men.

Suicide Statistics of year 2009


Never Married 17738 10063 27801 76% 1.76

Married 58192 31300 89492 86% 1.86

Widowed/Widower 2848 2674 5522 7% 1.07

Divorcee 635 613 1248 4% 1.04

Separated 2058 1030 3088 100% 2.00

TOTAL 81471 45680 127151 78% 1.78

Source: NCRB

I, Dashrath M.Devda, President, Akhil Bhartiya Patni Atyachar Virodhi Sangh, strongly protests against the misuse of IPC 498A, DV Act, IPC 304B, IPC 306 and all other women centric laws. We have called for a Hunger Strike and I, have been sitting on Hunger Strike on behalf of my NGO, since May 15, 2011. Today it is more than 120 hours of my Hunger Strike.

To prevent torture of Indian married men and their families against the misuse of Anti-Men laws, our Demands are:

• Close down “Crime Against Women Cell”
• Constitute National Commission for Men in lines of National Commission for Women
• Remove the word “relative” from the definition of IPC 498A. No relative should be dragged in the dispute of husband and wife.
• Stop extortion under IPC 406 in the guise of Streedhan
• Mediation in marital disputes should not be handled by Police Officials.
• Simplify and ease out the Divorce procedures to stop suicides and homicides.
• No maintenance to wife who has left the matrimonial home.
• All matrimonial litigations should be tried in one court.
• Stop judicial bias towards women
• Amend DV Act of 2005
• Penalty for misusers of IPC 498A
• Stop TV serials promoting family disharmony

As per” SC Directive” as mentioned above, we want a Time Bound review of 498A, otherwise we would go for “Jail Bharo” Andolan from May 23,2011.




Her Excellency Smt. Pratibha Patil
President of India,
Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi – 110 001

Dr, Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
South Block, Raisana Hill,
New Delhi-110 001


  1. this is a very gud step u hav taken to save innocents.plz contact in any case if i can contribute 4 such a holly gole.plz mail any new information regarding strike etc.

  2. Good step however, the message has to reach far and wide for masses to join and support without which chance for sucess are limited.

    Willing to contribute and my best wishes for sucess.

  3. Sir,
    We salute you.Hope our blind lawmakers should open their eyes now.

  4. I know sumdha since long time, she has arrogant nature, but sweet also, moreover her father Ashok Jain is a big cheat and fraud man, he believe that with the power of money he can do anything. His nature is to harass and torture people. He is a Devil. He might have thought that by bribing the policemen and other govt. employees he can do whatever he want. He should be punished instead of Sumedha Jain.

  5. DEAR Mr. Dasaradh,

    I support u a lot. To be very honest, I am ashamed to be born as a female after witnessing the dirty attitude of the many so called educated females of our society. They are only interested in the monetary benefits given by their husbands but not interested in sustenance of matrimonial relationship AND WELFARE OF THEIR CHILDREN.. They are causing great damage to our culture, which is highly admired by the westerners. The westerners are trying to adopt Indian culture and are making best efforts to safe guard their matrimonial relationships and we are ruining our lives with the help of the useless provisions provided in our Law. Generally in many of these cases, this kind of girls who file complaints u/s 498-A, would have fallen in the infatuation of other men and those men and the parents of the girls instigate them to file false complaints against husbands and in-laws to make fat money and also to find an easy way out to break the marriage inorder to enjoy their lives with their respective boy friends.
    The irony in many of such cases is that many Indian children are leading their lives like orphans, though they have parents. I feel very sorry for such innocent children, who are going to be our future citizens. Therfore, I can clearly visualize the scenario of future India with people full of perversions, as the are deprived of love and affection of parents and who are cursed to be brought up by single parent or brought up only in hostels right from their childhood.
    I am a legal practitioner and I am also ashamed of my profession, since many of my fellow Advocates are making money only by practising such cases and I wonder why I am able to see many people who have quit the profession have returned back. I have witnessed many Advocates who practise only these cases and instigate the girls to file false complaints against huband and in-laws and encourage multiplicity of cases. These Advocates have good contacts with the authorities of Women Protection cells, the police and also the protection officers, and all of them, along with the complainaint woman and her parents,form into a cult and practise dacoity and a kind of prostitution in the guise of protection of women.

    I am an optimist and I wish our country very good luck and prosperity and also wish all my brothers of India who are victims of thedestructive provisions of Law (only those who are falsely implicated, a good luck. I also thank God for not blessing me with a male child,because, if I had one, it would have been a cursing in the guise of blessing.
    May the Almighty bless us.

  6. I feel for Sumedha so much. The mittal family is a born sit of liars, cheats and extremely violent. I met binay for a short period late last year. He was extremely demanding – sexually, socially and financially. He just wants and wants. He is not prepared to give anything. His family control him fully. 36 year old immature spoilt boy. I cannot call him a man because he is very very childesh. I was only seeing him casually and he was so demanding so what must he have put sumedha through…? how much they will have hit her.

    His parents asked us for a dowry and when my brother refused, Krishan Mittal got very angry and hit my family member. Yes is a very nasty family. I would not recommend anyone be involved with them.

    You treat sumedha and her family like second class because you think your boy is big man and doctor and now you are wondering why you have case. You are completely mad family. Jain’s a family of workers, worked hard for their money and not gained via divorcees. You want money from them not the other way round.

  7. What type of a cheap, low class person is KK Mittal that he is publicly attempting to reduce the name of Sudmedha…this in itself proves what type of people / family the Mittals are. You are low life cheap tactiless coward family. You shouldn’t have to pay 1crore but ten’s of crores.

    Pooja it is recommended you stay clear of mittal family. The will corrupt you also. This family and their lada doctor proud Son Binay ruined Sumedha’s life. They tortured her – beat her physically and mentally, sexually abused this poor girl who left her family to lead a pieceful life in the UK with her husband. But Binay’s parents are very interferring, always controlling, giving opinions, demanding.

    Krishan you have ruined not only Sumedha life but also your Son life. God will punish you for all your sin’s.

  8. message for “#7 Perminder :”…your comments are very moving and sound very heartfelt…would like to know more about your experience. i would request you to contact me on my email address:

  9. I would lik eto know more about sumedha/binay case…any information will be useful. thanks

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