Mother help her sons to rape her Daughters

A women from Wadala, Maharastra and her two sons had been raping two girls, aged 11 and 16, for the past four years.
These 2 boys none other than their own brothers, when small girls complained this her Mother, she tortures daughters for refusing to be raped by brothers, Living in a 12×12 (144 sq ft) slum tenement, the two brothers, aged 19 and 21, would take turns raping their sisters, and when the girls complained to their mother, she assaulted and inflicted burn injuries on them for refusing to comply with their brothers’ wishes. “We have found burn injuries on the girls’ cheeks and hands.
They told us that their mother had inflicted the burns on them when they protested against being raped by their brothers,” an officer from the Wadala Truck Terminal police station said. The mother and the brothers finally landed in the police net yesterday, after the younger sister informed a local social worker about their ordeal.

According to the police, the elder sister was first raped by the brothers four years ago, when she was 12 and the boys were 15 and 19 years old. She thought her mother was unaware of this and, a year after the abuse began, she gathered the courage to tell her, only to receive the shock of her life.
Instead of standing by her daughter’s side and acting against the sons, the woman threatened her with dire consequences if she ever spoke about the abuse. The mother even inflicted burns on the girl when she refused to sleep with her brothers. “Fearing that the girl would talk about her ordeal, the mother withdrew her from her school two years ago,” said an official.

Two months ago, the brothers began abusing the younger sister. The girl, all of 11, didn’t understand what was happening, and spoke to her elder sister and her mother, who issued the same threats to her. The schooling of the younger girl was also discontinued and the mother began assaulting her as well when she refused to subject herself to being abused by her brothers.
“We have been moved by the victims’ statements. The elder sister was being subject to the abuse for nearly four years, while the younger one started getting targeted two months ago. The brothers took turns and raped them on alternate nights. All this used to happen right under their mother’s nose, who used to sleep calmly next to them,” the officer added.

On Monday, the younger sister narrated their ordeal to a local social worker, Vahida. The activist approached another NGO worker Dharm Pal, and they began to formulate a plan to get the mother and the brothers caught red-handed. Yesterday morning, however, the younger sister decided to flee the house because she couldn’t take the abuse anymore.
The mother found out and began beating up the girl. When Vahida found out about this, she informed the police. Speaking to media, Dharm Pal said, “The girls had been looking for help since the time the abuse began. On Wednesday morning, the younger girl was being assaulted by her mother for trying to run away from the house.
Vahida informed the cops and the Wadala TT police arrested the mother.” After the mother was arrested, the social workers and the girls told the police about the abuse. Taking serious note of the complaint, the cops arrested all the brothers as well.

Senior Inspector Suhas Garud from Wadala TT police station said, “The brothers have been charged under sections related to gang rape, while the mother has been arrested for trying to hush up the abuse and supporting the duo in committing the crime.” The trio has also been charged under sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

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