Great Indian Police – Case on Dead

Bangalore: Buried in huge debts, Manjunath, 39, and his wife, Sathyavathi, 35, decided to hang themselves from the fan in a room at their house at Hulimavu on Tuesday, September 11, 2012. The couple’s children Prithviraj, 12, and Rishika, 4, who were strangled by their parents were found dead on the bed in the other room.

According to police reports, Manjunath, a weaver, and his family lived in a rented house at Weavers’ Colony. In a two-page suicide note left near the children, wherein they stated Manjunath had taken loans that he was unable to repay, more so as he was not able to get work in the recent past. The couple also mentioned that they decided to end their children’s lives, too, as they did not want them to become destitute after their parents’ death.They repeated the same content in two pages and had signed it.

It is learned that Manjunath worked as a weaver , while Sathyavathi was employed at a Garment factory. Their children, Prithviraj and Rishika were students at Holy Spirit School at Kalena Agrahara. The tragedy might have taken place late on Monday September 10 night, but came to light on Tuesday September 11 morning by the son of the landlord who had visited Manjunath’s rented home. Manjunath had availed of loans from various sources and had purchased an electronic card punching machine. He had also invested on weaving, but incurred heavy losses. Later, he opened a bakery, but lost money in that business too, according to latest sources.

The police have booked the couple under section 302 of the IPC for murdering their children.

and Police searching for these murderers; Now you know why there are around 4 crore pending cases in India.

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