Death on the Tile: Suicides by women in complicated relationships

In a tale of two cities, I am posting two suicides by women in difficult situations. I am posting two suicides committed by women in Complicated relationships. One woman has committed suicide in Ahmedabad, India and another one in Britain.

The complicated marital situation and a ‘suicide?’ by a popular model in Britain has exposed the underbelly of Polygamy in Britain by Asian Muslims. An already married (but not a civil registered one) marries again, controls his wife and she commits suicide.

The questions which Hercules Poirot would ask are simple: 1. Did the model know about his existing marital status 2. Did Jamil inform Safar about his current marriage, before marrying Safar (Did he deceive her by withholding information about his current marriage?). As we know, Polygamy is illegal in Britain.
Read on for more details about Registered Civil marriage (by law) versus Recognized marriages by religion. And where the twain shall not meet—by British law and even in Indian law!

In Ahmedabad, tasting forbidden fruit led a girl to commit suicide. Read on for the two stories.

Death on the Tile


Britain. Dec 28. The death of a model who learnt (later) that her husband was already married has shone a light into the murky world of Muslim polygamy in Britain. Sahar Daftary, 23, fell 150ft from the twelfth storey of a block of flats where she had gone to collect her belongings at the home of a businessman whom she had married in a religious ceremony last year.
Ghayasuddin Siddiqui, the head of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain, told The Times:

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