Delhi blast: Chidambaram was aware of terror attack?

New Delhi, Sep 7: According to sources, intelligence agency had informed the Delhi police and home ministry about a possible terror attack. Citing the bomb blast outside the Delhi High Court on Wednesday, Sep 7, many started speculating that despite having information from earlier, Chidambaram and his police brigade failed to avert the terror attack which left at least 10 people dead and more than 70 injured.

While addressing the Parliament over the blast, Chidambaram himself had claimed that intelligence inputs were shared with the Delhi police in Jul 2011.

However, briefing the House on the updates, the Home Minister said that Delhi has been put on high alert following the blasts. He added that the NIA and NSG teams have been rushed to the spot. He said investigations are underway. He said that the NIA will take over the blast probe.

Speaking on the security aspect, Chidamabaram said that most injured have been taken to the RML Hospital while the others are being treated at the dispensary at the High Court premises.

A post-blast investigation team have been rushed to the area that has already been cordoned off by the police. He commented that Delhi has been the target of terror groups.

Expressing his condolence in the Lok Sabha, he said “the government unequivocally condemn the terror blasts”. He assured that the best medication and facilities would be provided to those injured. He commented, “We are determined to track the perpetrators.”

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