Dictatorship in India – Anna Hazare denied permission to protest

When British were ruling India, many took part in peaceful demostrations, no need to compare british now as we all know about History of India. but now time is changed, corroupt politicians ruling India, we pitty ourself and ashamed that we selected and elected to be Dictators on our own people.

As in Ramleela maidan Government forcefully evicted Ramdev team for peacefully protesting against corruption, as there is not a single minister who is not involved in corruption, scam or scandle. now they do not want higher authority law to check their money making power or trace source of money. They want to draft their own version of toothless lokapal bill, in support that now they deny permission to peaceful protest at Jantar Mantar.

New Delhi, Aug 2 : The Delhi Police have denied permission to Team Anna to protest at Jantar Mantar, where Anna Hazare is scheduled to hold a fast from Aug 16, the activists said Tuesday.

“Delhi Police has replied to the intimation letter on the venue of the proposed fast. They have refused to allow Anna Hazare to protest at Jantar Mantar on the grounds that duration of the protest at the site was not mentioned, while India Against Corruption (IAC) had clearly mentioned a month’s time,” said a statement from the IAC.

“Another reason they cited for refusing to allow the protest was that the location is inadequate for a gathering of large number of people as expected during the protest,” it added.

The IAC has written another letter to the Delhi Police commissioner, suggesting alternative sites for the protest, which include Jantar Mantar Road, Boat Club, Rajghat, Ramlila Maidan and Shaheed Park.

The IAC has also suggested that if any of these places is not suitable, then the police can suggest any other alternative location within a three km radius of Jantar Mantar.

Hazare has decided to go on fast from Aug 16 to protest against the government version of the anti-graft Lokpal bill, likely to be introduced in parliament Thursday.

The Gandhian went on a 97-hour fast in April at Jantar Mantar demanding a strong Lokpal bill.

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