Wife Kill Husband for her Lover

Chandigarh: Dharam Singh, who worked as an electrician, was found dead on his cot in the balcony this morning. The police have arrested his 22-year-old wife Mohini and Kuldeep Singh for the murder. A case under Section 302 of the IPC has been registered in the Manimajra police station.

Dharam lived on a secondfloor rented accommodation near Samadhi Gate at Manimajra. He had shifted there five days ago with his wife and one-year-old son. The couple have been married for five years. Mohini, however, had an extra-maritial affair with her landlord Kuldeep in Dhappar village in Mohali,where they stayed for six months. The couple had gone to the village a fortnight ago, where Dharam saw Kuldeep and Mohini in a compromising position.
Since then he regularly beat his wife changed his residence. On Wednesday,Mohini and Kuldeep met at Shivalik Park in the evening and hatched the plan to kill Dharam.

Mohini called Kuldeep from her husband’s phone around 3 am and the two tied a sleeping Dharam to the cot and then gagged him with a pillow. They also strangled him Singh with a string.

The murder came to light at 6.30 am, when Dharam’s landlord informed the police.
Mohini, however, told the police that her husband had gone to sleep in the balcony at 2 am, while she slept inside the room. In the morning she discovered that he was dead.

After sustained questioning and examination of call details of the victim’s phone, the police arrested Mohini and Kuldeep for the murder, under Section 302 of the IPC.

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