SC justice Dinakaran resigns after playing caste cards

New Delhi, Jul 29: Justice Dinakaran on Friday, Jul 29 resigned as the chief justice of Sikkim High Court after claiming that he was “calculatively” targeted as he belongs to an under privileged group.

Dinakaran was being probed over alleged corruption charges. Led by Justice V S Sirpurkar, a committee started the investigation against Dinakaran in 2010.

Dinakaran was accused of impeachment. Citing Dinakaran’s objection, one member from the investigating panel – P P Rao was removed. Dinakaran had earlier blamed that the investigating panel conducts a “biased probe” against him (Dinakaran).

Dinakaran also has been accused of acquiring land illegally by misusing his power in Tamil Nadu. Dinakaran allegedly grabbed the land for himself and his family. Another corruption charged against him was – he allegedly has wealth disproportionate to his income.

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