Disabled man sexually abuses mentally unstable woman

Chennai, Aug 19: A mentally-unstable woman was rescued by volunteers of a non-governmental organisation after she was sexually abused by a disabled man for days together.

The woman was spotted by volunteers from Udhvam-Karangal after the NGO’s founder, S Vidyakar saw her being chased by the man near Velappanchavadi in Thiruverkadu.

“I asked my driver to reverse. We saw her running out wearing just a T-shirt,” he said.

By the time Vidyakar reached, the 35-year-old woman ran to a nearby construction site.

While asking her some questions, “She said that the disabled man had been exploiting her sexually for the past few years,” said Vidyakar.

She was then taken to a doctor by the NGO volunteers. “She was given clothes and counselors tried to collect her personal details,” said Vidyakar. According to the doctors, there was a possibility that the women could have been sexually abused by more people.

The woman was found to be suffering from schizophrenia. The volunteers tried locating the accused but in vain. A complaint have been lodged with the police.

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