Peeping Tom doctor shoots obscene pictures on Patient on Cellphone

A ‘cocky’ doctor shot obscene pictures of a woman on his cellphone. It is very important for male doctors to have a female nurse as attendant when examining female patients. It is a breach of Confidentiality.
“??Similarly, it is being debated that male patients should have male nurses in attendance while examination by a female doctor”.

Bottomline: A nurse or aide has to be present during a physical examination after getting the appropriate consent (in writing for more invasive examinations).

But, I can’t still figure out which bones this doctor was examining.

Doc clicks obscene snaps, held
10 Jan 2009

KOLKATA: An orthopaedic doctor, Asok Ray, was detained by Jadavpur police late on Friday for allegedly clicking obscene photos of a woman patient on his cellphone.

The woman had gone to Ray’s chamber at Kalyani Seba Kendra on Baghajatin Station Road late on Friday evening when the doctor allegedly shot a few pictures of hers on his cellphone. Suspecting something amiss, the woman told her husband, who was accompanying her. He snatched the cellphone from Ray.

The news spread and locals arrived at the clinic and started beating up the doctor. Police were informed and they rushed in and rescued him. A complaint was later lodged at Jadavpur police station and Ray was picked up for questioning. Police are probing the case.

One thought on “Peeping Tom doctor shoots obscene pictures on Patient on Cellphone

  1. Usually, there will be a lot of money changing hands, under the tables to hush up the matter.

    The doctor is punishable for Breach of confidentiality, P0rnography, Indecent portrayal of women, etc.

    Will he or will he be punished?

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