Can I borrow the dog

A man was leaving a cafe when he noticed an unusual funeral.

A funeral Coffin was followed by a second one.

Behind the second coffin was a Solitary man walking with a black dog.

Behind him was a queue of 200 men walking in single line.

The man couldn’t stand his curiosity.

He approached the man walking with the dog, “I am so sorry to disturb you,

But I’ve never seen a funeral like this with so many of you walking in single line.

Whose funeral is it?”

The man replied, “That first coffin is for my wife.”

What happened to her?”

“My dog attacked and killed her.”

“Well, who is in the second coffin?”

“My mother-in-law. She was trying to help my wife when the dog attacked

And killed her also.”

A thoughtful moment of silence passes between the two men.

Then the First one asks in excitement, “Can I borrow the dog?

The man replied, “Join the queue

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