Mumbai bomb blast a “dress rehearsal” : Narendra Modi

Gandhinagar, Jul 13: When the country is mourning the deaths in the Mumbai Terror Attacks that is now counted as 21 with 113 injured, Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi has issued another warning stating that this could be a dress rehearsal for more calamities to come.

Expressing his concern on the worrying turn of events that has hit the financial hub of India, the terrorist attack intended to induce maximum damages. Modi expressed his concern and sympathy for those injured in the deadly attacks in three heavily-populated areas of Dadar, Zaveri Bazaar and Opera House.

Calling the attack a “limited operation” according to initial inputs, Modi added that this could be an indication for a more organized attack from the part of terrorists. Using the opportunity to hit out at the Congress led UPA government at the Centre, the Gujarat CM said that the terrorists were trying to prove that “the present Indian government can do no harm to them and that they are still capable of causing immense damage to the country.”

But Modi also boldly declared that in the event of any terror attack, India would unite irrespective of everything and emerge as a single entity to uproot terrorism.

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