Bollywood actor-director’s wife cheated of Rs 2.3 crore

Mumbai, Jul 26: A woman has been arrested by the Mumbai police after she duped the wife of Dheeraj Kumar, Bollywood director of Rs 2.36 crore in past ten years.

The victim, Zuby Kocchar had met the Vasai based tantrik Dhanshukh Laxmilal Jain a k a Rahuleshwaran ten years ago. Jain had introduced the director’s wife to 53-year-old Henna a k a Shivani Ahluwalia.

“Heena worked as an agent for the tantrik and told the complainant that she handled all black magic-related problems. The victim visited the tantrik’s office where she was told that her family was under a spell and a puja was performed. The accused took money from the complainant in cash and cheques,” said Pratap Dighavkar, deputy commissioner of police, Zone IX.

“The accused also forced the victim to buy a car. However after few years, the victim realised that in spite of spending so much money there was no change or improvement in her life. She then stopped visiting the tantrik’s office,” said a police officer.

“Heena approached the victim and said that if she stopped visiting the tantrik, it would create something problems,” he added.

Scared the victim started visiting the tantrik again and later realised that she was being cheated. The victim then approached the police after the accused started threatening her.

Henna was arrested by the police on the charges of extortion through death or grievous hurt or fear and cheating. The accused was produced in a court and will be behind bars till Jul 27.

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