End of DV Villain

MUMBAI: An air hostess with a low-cost airline committed suicide at her room in a Juhu-based five-star hotel on Saturday.

Sucheta Anand (25) was found hanging from the fan of her room in a hotel located off Juhu beach. She did not leave behind a suicide note. Police officials said she had separated from her husband and had also filed a harassment case against him in Delhi, where she lived.

According to the police, Sucheta was posted as the lead cabin attendant for IndiGo Airlines. She had joined the airline on August 1, 2006. A resident of Delhi, she had been on normal crew layover in Mumbai.

“The airline had booked a few rooms in the hotel for its crew. Sucheta was in room 311 by herself. On Saturday evening, a hotel employee went to her room for housekeeping, but despite several knocks, he got no response. Eventually, he called the manager and the room was opened with a duplicate key. Sucheta was found hanging from the fan,” senior inspector Dilip Gaikwad said.

An identity-card was fou-nd in her belongings with the help of which the police contacted her employers and her family, who live at East of Kailash in Delhi. Her brother, Manish, came to the city on Sunday to claim her body.

“She did not leave behind a suicide note, so the exact reason for her suicide is not clear,” an official said. “Two years ago, she married Delhi businessman Sumeet Gurnani. But the couple had marital problems and eventually separated. Sucheta had also registered a case of physical and mental harassment against her husband with the Delhi police. Currently, they were fighting a divorce case.”

The police will now check Sucheta’s cellphone records and will make inquiries with the people whom she spoke to before her death. Her husband will also be questioned.

The airline staff said Sucheta had been behaving normally with her colleagues. “We were deeply saddened to hear of the untimely passing away of our valued employee. She will be missed by all at IndiGo. Our prayers are with her family at this difficult time,” Bruce Ashby, CEO of IndiGo, said in a press statement.

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