Transactions of Baba Ramdev’s under ED scanner

When you expose Corrupt Governments all BLACK MONEY, Scam and Corruption to make you silent they will use Legal system aginst you; but same Legal system will not work against corrupt politicians, thats why they oppose Lokpal bill. somehow if Anna HAzare or Baba Ramdev escape government wrath, they will use some other way to eliminate whoever oppose or expose ministers.
Unless all SLEEPY INDIAN Wakeup.
Here is one stunt of Indian government, against Baba Ramdev. He did`t made this money fooling people, still Govt is after him just because he support Anna Hazare.
New Delhi, Aug 14: With Anna Hazare facing the wrath of the Union Government on the proposed fast, another crusader Baba Ramdev is also under the government radar after it was found that he was involved in sending large amounts of money abroad in a secretive fashion.

The fact was revealed following a multi-agency probe that revealed that companies owned by his trusts were involved in stashing cash abroad. As many as 100 firms, most of them owned by Baba Ramdev’s trusts in Kanpur were involved in the dealings. Some of the said companies were launched as late as last month.

With the Enforcement Directorate officials close on the heels of Baba Ramdev, they are particularly looking into two large transactions, one involving sending $300,000 to London and another $80,000 sent to Madagascar, an African island in the southeastern coast.

Sources have claimed that the RBI was looking into the cash transfers and verifying if an approval was sought for the transfers. S K Tijarawala, Baba Ramdev’s spokesperson confirmed the ED probe but refused to divulge further details on it.

Baba Ramdev was facing scrutiny after he acquired a large number of ayurvedic companies in Kanpur. The Registrar of Companies is also waiting for responses from investigative officials from other states as well. The Kanpur Registrar of Companies is believed to have sent information on Ramdev’s trusts and the 100 or so companies under it. The senior official said that the two CD’s contained information on the Patanjali Yogpeeth as well.

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