Emotional, psychological problems trigger erectile dysfunction

Washington, Jan 9 Erectile dysfunctions are more common among people who are depressed or anxiety ridden, a recent study says.

Emotional as well as psychological problems resulting in mental fatigue, stress, guilt or relational problems effect a man’s potential to have lasting erections and triggers erectile dysfunction (ED, which is defined as inability to have lasting erections).

ED are bound to occur even if the causes are medical but influences man emotionally and psychologically, leading to more severe erectile problems.

In such case a man may avoid having sex – which will only reinforce anxiety or depression, overshadowing actual underlying causes, said online reports quoting the Glickman Urological Institute.

The body just doesn’t respond and makes the penis puffy with fluid in the tissues, the report says.

Erection begins with sexual arousal, which the brain then transmits to the body, increasing blood flow to the penis, allowing it to become erect. Anything wrong at any stage triggers ED.

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