A Day before Husband’s Arrival from Abroad, Woman Eloped with Lover

Kasaragod, Jun 13: Besides extramarital escapades and love triangles, stories of elopement are also common these days. One appears to more bizarre than the other.

A curious case of elopement has been reported from Neeleshwar police station.

A year ago, Radha (name changed) of Paika had married Satish (name changed) from Erikkula in Neeleshwar, who has been working abroad. The marriage took place half way through her teacher’s training course. Soon after marriage, Satish flew back to resume work.

In the meantime, to beat the boredom, she stayed at her parental house to continue her teacher’s training course. She is said to have got friendly with one Ramesh (name changed), an interior decorator from Kasaragod and it turned to intimacy very soon.

Satish was to arrive on holidays last week. A day before his arrival, both Radha and Ramesh have disappeared and are thought to have eloped.

While leaving, Radha had told her mother that she was going to her husband’s house. As she did not turn up at Satish’s house, enquiries were made all over, but it was of no avail. Satish’s family has filed a complaint with the Neeleshwar police.

In the meantime, close acquaintances of Radha’s received information that she and Ramesh had married in the Guruvayur temple, said the police.

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