Who encash with Indian Men Problems

Everyone knows Indian husbands who are tormented by unscrupulous women misusing grossly antimen laws like Sec. 498A of IPC, DV Act, Sec 125 CrPC etc.It is not only setting right the gross injustice being done in the matters of matrimonial conflicts towards men by providing custody of children only to women, with total disregard of the love and affection the father and children have towards each other.

Fathers are denied custody as a rule rather than an exception. If at all visitation is ordered to the fathers, it is limited to 30 min and 1 hour in a month contrary to the requirement of UN resolution that no Child should be denied access to either of the parents.Cases linger on for indefinite periods with wives enjoying at the cost of husbands by way of interim maintenance, which is unfair since men are made to bear the perpetual cross for women