Last train to Delhi : Army Jawan arrested on eve-teasing

In a continuation of abusive behaviour by Army Jawans in trains, 2 army Jawans were arrested for eve-teasing in the train to Delhi. There have been several episodes of bad behaviour by brawny army Jawans in trains, including the incident where 7 persons were thrown out of the train in Shikohabad in 27 January 2005 leading to the death of 5 persons. I remember the date and incident clearly, because the day before the news, I myself was almost pushed out my train in Londa with my family, by a group of Jawans who occupied all the remaining seats. I fortunately stood my ground and my seat courageously and live to tell the tale today.

These continuing incidents reflect on the lack of ‘training’ of basic courtesy by Jawans, and an apathy on Army Chiefs to drive a clear message to the Jawans.

Two army jawans arrested on charge of eve teasing
2 Jan 2009.
EGUSARAI (BIHAR): Two Army jawans were arrested on the charge of teasing the wife of a senior government official aboard the New Delhi-Dibrugarh Rajdhani Express in Bihar.

Government Railway Police (GRP) officer Ishwarchand Vidyasagar said on Friday that the lady, wife of assistant General Manager of NTPC, lodged an FIR with the GRP when the train reached Barauni station.

The lady in her FIR alleged that three jawans of Sikkim Jat battalion boarded the compartment B 42528 at Katihar railway station and entered her coupe on Thursday night. They then hurled lewd remarks and made obscene gestures, the woman recounted.

While two jawans Ajit and Niraj were arrested, another accused Narottam managed to flee, Vidyasagar said.

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  1. Army jawans? Yes, but what about army officers? Especially a particular army nursing officer now posted at M.H. Kirkee, who sexually exploited me in October 2006 at M.H. Ranikhet? My story in brief:-

    Cruel games played by army officer nurse: Maneater of Kumaon

    I am Nigel J. Shaughnessy, a man of Poona (India) who was deceived by a nursing officer of Military Hospital, Ranikhet (India) in 2006. My specific complaint:

    I, a Puné man (44 years), complain: A divorcée army major lady (43 years) at Ranikhet, telephoned me 3-5 hours every night (also in daytime at me office) for more than 1½ months September-October 2006) begging me to marry her immediately, promising me marriage; talked of love, romance, sex, oral sex; sent me love letters, birthday cards, gifts; called me to her military quarters in end-October 2006; used me as a toy for three days and two nights even in the presence of her small son and maidservant; and then wantonly rejected me. I have sued her for mental agony, filling me with love and deceiving me, after first complaining to the governmental, army, defence ministry etc. authorities. In retaliation she has filed false and malicious police complaints against me at Kirkee Police Station, Poona.

    The lady is Lt.Col. A— J— of the M.N.S. (Military Nursing Service). Her date of birth is 1966. Mine is 10th October 1965. She was 40 then (October 2006), and I was 41.

    I have written a rhyme in lamentation:
    A bait, … A wait, … A mate, … A date, … A fate, … A hate, … A gate (China Gate), … Ranikhet !

    [She telephoned me for more than 45 days and nights for about five hours a night and day in September and October 2006, voice-hypnotising me, promising memarriage and giving me dreams, used me as a toy for two nights when I visited her in end-October 2006, and then wantonly rejected me.

    [Poona (or Pûné) is a city (about a hundred miles near Bombay or Mumbai) in the province of Maharashtra (in the erstwhile Bombay Presidency), in Western India. China Gate is an archway on a road near the Military Hospital, Ranikhet. (Ranikhet is pronounced Rah-nee-khayth). Ranikhet is a hill station in Almora county in Uttaranchal or Uttarakhand province, in Northern India. Uttaranchal province was formed in 2000 from a chunk off Uttar Pradesh (earlier known as United Provinces).]

    Her commandant of her military hospital at Poona has already received my complaint against her along with more than 250 pages of evidence, but he, as the others, has done nothing about the matter, thereby condoning her wrongdoing.

    — Nigel J. Shaughnessy

    nigel_j2000 AT

  2. This is the email that I, Nigel J. Shaughnessy of Pune, Maharashtra, India wrote to the Times of India on 13th December 2009:

    Sunday 13th December 2009

    Dear Mr. Asseem Shaikh,

    Thank you for speaking to me on the phone. I give below the background of the case, in the 3 emails I sent you and others before. I shall come and meet you on Monday 14th December 2009 evening, and I hope you will give me your valuable time.


    (Joint Secretary, P– I– Employees Union)
    Dhankavdi, Pune 411043
    Mbl: 98904-15581


    (4) My email to Mr. Manish Umbrajkar:

    Sunday 6th December 2009

    To Mr. Manish Umbrajkar, Times of India, Pune

    From Nigel J. Shaughnessy (Joint Secretary, P– I– Employees Union) 98904-15581 (Addr.: — Dhankavdi, Pune 411043)

    Dear Sir,

    I am Nigel J. Shaughnessy who met you on Sunday 6th December 2009 at the Times of India Pune office). I am emailing this as a clarification statement to the news that appeared in the TOI Pune on Sat. 31st Oct.’09 on Pg.4 (reproduced far below, at the end, as item [1]). I also reproduce below as item [2] the immediate clarifications I sent Mr. Mihir Tanksale and Mr.Asseem Shaikh, and I also reproduce as item [3] the email I sent Mr.Joy and Mr.Atre.

    Please note, I have clarified the news item fully. My identity and genuineness can be confirmed by my lawyer who is handling my case, Mr. Marazban K. Irani, or his junior Mr. Bhavesh Waghmare, at their office No. (020) 2611xxxx. (Addr: —- Rasta Peth, Pune 411011). I shall also give immediately, when asked by you, my statement in writing, and I shall endorse this email in writing, also. I just need you to tell me when you will be available. You can cross-examine me and ask for any evidence you want. I am at your disposal.

    Her lawyer for the case I filed against her is Ms. Asunta Pardhe of some Chetna Mahila Vikas Kendra, and it is that Ms. Pardhe who is going around to the media putting false information. I am even willing to speak in their presence before you.

    I shall be very grateful for a hearing in your paper, as soon as possible.

    Waiting for a positive word from you,

    (Joint Secretary, P– I– Employees Union)
    Dhankavdi, Pune 411043
    Mbl: 98904-15581


    (3) My email to Mr. Joy and Mr.Atre:

    Date: Tuesday, 10 November, 2009, 5:18 PM

    Tuesday 10th November 2009

    Dear Mr.Joy and Mr.Abhijit,

    Thank you for seeing me and giving me a patient hearing yesterday evening.

    This regards the news item in TOI Pune main paper Pg.4 of Saturday 31st October 2009. My brief clarifications are given below, after the end of this message.

    This is not a normal relationship gone sour. The fact is, there was no quarrel between us. Both of us made each other happy when I stayed with her. She just used and threw me. And she has not talked to me since, for the last three years, for no reason, and she is not giving any reason for her discarding me. I even told her I would withdraw the suit if she told me truthfully what wrong I did. She and her lawyer have not taken up my challenge yet. I pursued her as it is my right and my duty as her rightful husband, and only after all efforts of mine, with her and with the army authorities, did I finally file the suit against her. If I had been the army officer and betrayed her and she had sued me, then you would have supported her. Now that she has behaved like a treacherous playgirl, nobody is supporting me.

    The treacherous playgirl is Lt.Col. A– O– J– of the Military Nursing Service. She is posted at M.H. Kirkee, Pune. Her army ID No. is NR-xxxxx-X. Her commandant is Brigadier Dutta, Commandant of M.H. Kirkee. Her phone Nos. are: landline (020) 6401xxxx, Mbl: 97632-xxxxx. I gave my detailed complaint to the Commandant of MH Kirkee (with about 250 pages of evidence), but they have deliberately ignored it, thereby condoning her wrong.

    This lady has misused her military quarters (at MH Ranikhet, Uttarakhand), her duty hours, her landline phone, her mobile phone, her army unit phone, her patient’s mobiles, her self, my self, for emotional fraud and sexual exploitation. She knew full well she would betray me, still she pursued me for 3 to 5 hours every night (& more in the day) for about 2 months, hypnotising me on the phone with her voice, talking of heavenly and pleasurable things and acts, crooning to me in my mother’s voice, promising me and making me promise her marriage and undying love, thereby spending more than Rs. 30,000 on her landline bill alone for two months (Sept-Oct 2006) and a similar amount on her mobile bill. This was confirmed by the BSNL authorities in writing, and also admitted by the playgirl in court, that she spent Rs. 30,000 on phone bills from her landline to call me. Also, both her landline number and mobile number were not in her name, which is against army regulations. That has also been confirmed by BSNL.

    She called me to her military quarters at MH Ranikhet to get married to her. I went there in end-Oct’06, got used by her for 2 nights & 3 days. She put me on a double bed with her small son (then 6 years, now 9 years) in between, and her minor servant girl (then 14 years) on another bed in the same bedroom (although there was another empty bedroom), and there and then she became desperate and aggressive. When I wanted privacy, she took me to the other bedroom. She used me as a toy, as a gigolo for 2 nights and three days, and then discarded me for no reason and for no fault of mine.

    Please allow me to give my truthful statement to you. If you wish to ascertain the authenticity of my identity, you may contact my lawyer who is handling my case, Mr. Marazban K. Irani, or his junior Mr. Bhavesh Waghmare, at their office No. (020) 2611xxxx. (Addr: —- Rasta Peth, Pune 411011).

    She is doing all her intimidating actions of false police complaints, because in the suit I filed against her, the issues stage is pending for long, and the witness-lists will be prepared by both parties, and I have given intimations to her colleague and sister-in-law and her ex-husband’s families that I may call them as witnesses. The playgirl is scared probably that her cruel games will be disclosed, and also probably her games with other people previously, also, may come out in the open.

    I give my brief clarifications to the news item, below.

    Thanks and regards,

    (Joint Secretary, P– I– Employees Union)
    Dhankavdi, Pune 411043
    Mbl: 98904-15581


    (2) My email to Mr.Tanksale and Mr.Shaikh:

    Tuesday 3rd November 2009

    Dear Mr. Mihir Tanksale and Mr. Asseem Shaikh,

    I am the said Nigel J. E. Shaughnessy.

    I had already about 6 months ago met Ms. Chaitrali Deshmukh of Pune Mirror and gave my whole story about how I was deceived by that lady. The whole details are with Ms. Deshmukh. Nothing of that has appeared in your media, but this false news has. At least I request you to confirm from me before publishing such news about me.

    There are many false items in the above news. The following should be noted:

    (a) I had not posted anything on any site. I had written to many lawful authorities, politicians, defence minister, and almost the whole central cabinet, about this lady, including filing my lawsuit against her for exploiting me unduly.

    (b) The communicating was one-way, i.e. she pursued me for 3 to 5 hours every night for about two months continuously in Aug to Oct 2006, begging me and promising me marriage, and hypnotising me with her voice, asking me to come to her in Ranikhet where she was then, spending more than Rs 30,000 on landline bills, and the same amount on her mobile bills because of her calls to me. In addition to her sending me desperate love letters, birthday gifts, etc.

    (c) I sent my photograph to her, which was worse than my already ugly looks, still she accepted me as her husband, even before and even after the photograph, without meeting me first.

    (d) To compel me to come there and stay with her, she wanted to send me Rs 10,000 then she said Rs 5,000 I still said No, I’ll come on my own steam, then she sent me the Rs 2,000 DD which I returned. She even kept sending me return train tickets, still I came on my own steam.

    (e) I stayed with her in her military quarters and was exploited by her for two nights and three days, and then discarded, without any quarrel with her, nor without her giving any reason. That is why I filed the lawsuit against her.

    (f) I never made any abusive calls, let alone calls to her when she was in Pune. I’m not so immature that I do not know that phones & mobiles have caller IDs, and that calls can be audio-recorded.

    (g) I did nothing defamatory. I wrote to her superiors as she had violated many sections of the Army Act 1950, and I wrote to her sister-in-law and her friend preparing them to be witnesses in the case I filed, as they know much about this lady’s behaviour, and the sister-in-law had her phone in her name from which the lady used to call me every night.I wrote to the whole Central Cabinet (PM, Pres, Def Min, Home Min, etc) and many politicians and activist groups), and I shall continue to do so.

    (h) I did not post any slanderous profile of her, and I have still not yet got any copies of such profiles, only one application dated 24-9-09 through police RTI.

    (i) She did not turn down any proposal of mine, because I did NOT propose to her. She proposed to me desperately and abnormally, and I accepted. The whole story is with Ms. Chaitrali Deshmukh, and I am willing to come out in the open with it, before you.

    (j) I am not a divorcee. I am a bachelor. This was my first love in adulthood, and therefore I was easily deceived by her.

    (k) I had not given any false information in the matrimonial. In fact, I told her truthfully about my small background: small job, no property, parents dead, no sister, less education, simple life, staying at Pune, and an Anglo-Indian, a Christian. Still she desperately pursued me under the pretext that she wanted to care for an orphan and give him a life. She chose my profile among tens of thousands of profiles in and other sites, because such a profile is rare, and is the only one who would not be able to retaliate when she finally would betray me. Also, after talking to me for 3 to 5 hours every night consecutively for 2 months, she came to know that I am a simple person (a fool by her standards). Hence she chose me as her victim. She was the hunter, not I.

    I humbly request you and your esteemed media to give me a just hearing. I have all the evidence, which I already gave Ms. Chaitrali Deshmukh about six months ago.

    — Nigel J. Shaughnessy 98904-15581.


    (1) The misleading news in the TOI Pune on Saturday 31st October 2009:

    Army officer’s slanderous profile on net: One booked
    PUNE: The Khadki police on Thursday booked Nigel Jayesh Shawnshil of Dhankawdi for allegedly posting a slanderous profile of a woman army officer on

    a social networking site as she had turned down his marriage proposal.

    Assistant commissioner of police (Khadki division) Rambhau Thorat said the woman is a lieutenant colonel in the army nursing service. A divorcee, the officer had enrolled her name on a matrimonial site for re-marriage.

    Thorat said the woman had got in touch with Nigel, who is also a divorce, on the matrimonial site. They had started communicating with each other. The woman had given all her details like photographs and divorce papers to Nigel, but he avoided giving his photograph to her, Thorat said.

    According to Thorat, the woman had also sent Nigel a demand draft of Rs 2,000 as travelling expense for meeting her in Uttaranchal in 2007. However, the woman turned down the marriage proposal as she realised that he had given her false information.

    The matter did not end there. Nigel allegedly started making abusive telephone calls to her after she was transferred to an army hospital in Pune, Thorat said. He had also filed a case against her under the Specific Relief Act at the Shivajinagar court and started sending defamatory letters to her superiors and family members.

    When Nigel allegedly posted a slanderous profile of the woman on a social networking site, she approached the cyber cell of the Pune police which referred the matter to the Khadki police. The police registered a complaint against Nigel under section 509 of the Indian Penal Code and 67 of the Information Technology Act, Thorat said.

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